How to Refund Google Play

When you make a transaction or purchase on Google Play, such as an application purchase, e-book, or game voucher, but it is not what you want. Then the funds can be returned in an easy way. Then how to refund Google play that has already been purchased and can I request a refund of the things that have been purchased?

The funds that have been made transactions on Google play can be returned, when something purchased is not as expected. Therefore, to avoid losses, Google play provides an opportunity to refund funds to the specified transaction method. Let's see how to make a refund on Google Play.

How to Refund Google Play

In order not to be even more curious, let's look at the complete information below in several ways to return or refund funds on Google Play!

How To Get An App Or Game Refund

When you make a purchase on an app or game, it doesn't live up to your expectations. Then you can make a refund request. How to refund Google play is quite easy to do, if you request it within two hours after making a purchase. Because the maximum time for requesting a refund is 48 hours after purchase, here's how.

• Your first step can be to open the Google Play Store app

• After that type in the search field the name of the application or game that you have previously purchased, and then select the application or game. Then click on the refund option.

• Then on the screen a question notification will appear that says “Are you sure you are asking for a refund?” then you can click yes.

• That way the application or game will be uninstalled from your phone and the funds will be returned based on the payment method used in the previous transaction.

How to Refund Funds From Purchasing Movies, TV Shows, Or E-books

For the Google Play refund method, there are many similarities in terms of the return rules for movies, shows, TV, music, and e-books on the Google Play Store. But you need to know, that it is allowed to send back any items that have been purchased within seven days of purchase. With a note, before you use the item, a full refund can be made.

But you can't make a refund through the Google play store app directly. But using a browser is one solution. The method is as follows,

• In the first step, you can directly point your play store account to your browser and log back into your Google account.

• Then scroll down until you find the account on the left menu. Then click order history from the top menu.

• Well, then look for the item you want to return next. Choose the option to request a refund

• After that, from the drop-down menu select a specific reason and confirm by clicking send. Later, you will automatically receive an e-mail automatically about a refund request.

By Contacting the Application Developer Contact

Because in general all Android applications have been developed by third-party developers, it is the developer's obligation to serve customers as well. Especially when you have problems.

Especially when there is an in-app purchase that is not what you want. Then you can directly contact the application developer, here's how.

The first step for how to refund Google Play is by contacting your developer. Can be done by opening the Google Play Store application

  Then type the name of the application that you have previously purchased, in the search field

After that, open the application to be more open on the details page

Then you can look for the Developer Contact option and after that scroll down until you find a list of information services in it.

So, those are some steps on how to refund Google Play with easy steps. You can try it, if a number of purchase transactions that you made with Google Play didn't work, or didn't go the way you wanted. Thank you and good luck!

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